The Energy Formula is an open-source project to simplify and enhance our understanding of how the energy field influences all human behaviour, to support the biggest ever shift in consciousness.

Energy Formula Fundamentals

Physical matter is an illusion

Humans have been raised to feel we are separate and isolated beings, making individual decisions and choices in the world that are unattached energetically to others.

Contrast that with how quantum physics is changing the way we look at reality with evidence that everything is energy at the most fundamental level, everything is connected at that energetic level, and that energy drives everything.

This dates back to the birth of quantum physics in the early 1900s. When scientists began smashing electrons and other particles in enormous accelerators, they quickly realised the foundations of the physical world weren’t physical at all. It became clear that everything in our body is made of tiny, indivisible units, or quanta, of energy which we call photons.

Quantum entanglement explains how two subatomic particles can be intimately linked to each other even if separated by billions of light-years of space. Despite their vast separation, a change induced in one will affect the other.

The whole material world we see, including our bodies, is 0.0000001% solid and yet we spend most of the day thinking the physical form is seperate reality. Because it is all energy, if we understand how energy either is blocked, which causes disease, or flows, then we start to understand our true power. 

Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one.

Albert Einstein

We are energetic beings disguised in physical form

We are energetic beings disguised in physical form. We know that all is energy:our thoughts are energy, emotion can be defined as energy in motion, and the fundamental power of the world is energy in the form of money, oil and such resources. Try getting out of bed in the morning without energy. Energy and the energy field is the omnipresent force driving all of nature.

By accepting that everything is energy at the most fundamental level we start to challenge many old false assumptions we had about life. This helps us understand our intuition and how emotions are our most obvious energy expression. This also explains the karmic effect of doing good or bad, given an interconnected pool of energy we call the energy field of the world and life.

Why is this so critical today?

As individuals under the old outdated thinking we feel separate and may lack purpose and meaning, not realising our collective ability to make a difference on the planet, feeling instead threatened and isolated. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we experience a primitive drive for safety and certainty and we attempt to achieve this by controlling our external world and people in it. Most often we are driven by our own individual needs and are not in sync with others. We remain cut off from reality, leading to conflict with others who have different views and beliefs, reinforcing our feeling of being alone and separate.

This is the 3rd dimensional (3D) or logical mind driven view that shows up in history as conflict and war – with people seeking external power based on separation and the need for external control. It sets up a binary of Right vs wrong, good vs evil. When people are polarised they are forced to choose a side. The more people who agree with us the safer we feel. We form social and cultural groups and communities with like-minded individuals, and we judge and critique other groups and viewpoints in order to feel connectedness. Governments, global corporations, central banks and power brokers such as pharmaceutical companies have all understood how to lobby, manipulate and control the masses through this type of narrative and the polarisation of people. We can look at any area of modern society and see this. The world’s wealth distribution is top heavy and designed to contain and control the masses through lifetimes of debt, so that those in power can remain at the top. The healthcare system is designed to restore people to a previous state of health with almost no self-responsibility, disempowering individuals and encouraging passive participation in health and wellness outcomes by over prescribing and scare tactics which have people questioning the body’s ability to heal itself.

This old separated system has not worked and there has been a shift, with people moving from thinking to sensing, and to feeling they are part of something more than isolated beings of bones and flesh; from being driven by the head and seeking outside power, to feeling part of the collective inner energy.

We are undergoing a change of direction, an evolution of sorts. It’s not a physical evolution; instead it is an evolution of consciousness to follow our hearts. This shift has been underway for some time and has been described in many different ways through many different disciplines. Some are calling it a movement from the 3D to 5th dimensional consciousness, others a heart based consciousness. Most commonly it has been termed an Awakening of Humanity. Ultimately, it is all the same thing. The momentum is building and we are either in the head seeing the shift as negative and conflictual, or we are able to observe and feel the beauty of the change.

What is most exciting about this change is that it breaks the thinking that we are disconnected energetically. It’s that old narrative that suggests life is hard and that we are here to survive and compete against each other. This story is reaching its end game. The lower vibrations and thinking that support fear, lack, violence and which polarise us into choosing a side are starting to give way, opening the door to a new way of ‘being’ in the world. This shift we are experiencing is changing the way we think, feel and conduct ourselves. The way we create, how we direct our energy, the way we treat others (and more importantly ourselves) and how we express our purpose in the world.

This is a dramatic transformation and awakening, tuning us in to be able to understand the Energy Formula. Without boundaries we are all connected so now is the time to follow our hearts. Be guided by this connection with new flow and trust. This is affecting every human being on earth. Those who are stuck in the old isolated 3D external driven world increasingly struggle and become more fearful., while those in the connected 5D energy world find more flow and ease with greater trust of their instincts and heart.

The Energy Formula is an open-source project driven to support humans to find greater flow and step into the 5D world. Thanks to all those who are helping us simplify our understanding of how energy connects us all, as we build the education and resources to trust the new normal model of life.

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